Sunday, 9 August 2009

i'm in my hotel room and it stopped raining!

the book I bought today is "Ratio, The simple codes behind the craft of everyday cooking" by michael Ruhlman... it's about this: "cooking, like so many creative endeavors, is defined by relationships.." and he goes on and on! It sounds really interesting and has been backed up by Alton Brown.. that funny guy in Iron Chef america!
Why am I extensively buying books? well because i like reading.. but most important! It's almost impossible to find interersting books in doha according to my subject of interest..Dubai has been more clement in this research..I wish i could do the same for fresh ingredients..We hardly find the basics and yet not really tasty.. they take time to reach the shelf i guess...and therefore the frozen option would have more taste! My father hated the option of frozen, being from morocco, this business does not take off because morocco is by definition an agricultural country and harvesting is one of the old things moroccans started doing! besides eating! well, they go together don't they!

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